Went to the bar for some wings and learned the HVAC system was shot

Every so often, I love to go down to the local bar on Tuesdays because they have 50 cent wings on that day.

This last time that I went to the bar though, I noticed the place was mostly empty.

That seemed very odd to me because a lot of people love to go to the bar to get the 50 cent wings. As soon as I stepped into the bar, I could tell what the problem was. The air quality was bad and the climate control system seemed to be not working. They really needed A/C in the place and I quickly asked what was going on. They let me know that they had their HVAC system break down and they already called the HVAC company. The HVAC technician was supposed to be there a little later in the evening. At least they had a bunch of fans working, but I guess most people weren’t able to take the heat. The 50 cent wings normally apply only if you eat-in, but they said because it was so hot in the bar, they would allow me to take my wings to go if I wanted. I appreciated that because I wasn’t looking forward to eating while being overheated with no air conditioning. So I got plenty of wings to go and went back home to eat. I was thankful to be back in the comfort of my air conditioning system. I was able to crank up the A/C a little bit and turned on the TV. I certainly enjoy those wings, and I would likely be back to the bar the following Tuesday.


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I learned that my neighbor makes good money selling old HVAC parts

My neighbor always has a huge stockpile of HVAC parts and automotive parts in his backyard and in his garage.

One day, I got to talking to him about his collection of HVAC parts and auto parts.

He was telling me that he actually makes really good money just selling used parts like that. It was actually interesting because he told me the story of how he got started with that type of work. While he did have a huge collection of parts, he kept all the parts very well organized and it didn’t even look messy. He would have people come over to find what they were looking for and they would commonly pay good money, especially for used HVAC parts and equipment. I was telling him that we were thinking about upgrading our HVAC unit and I would be happy to let him have the old HVAC unit if he wanted it. His eyes lit up and he said he would be thankful for that. He said he would even pay me money for the old equipment, but I said that wasn’t necessary. I learned from him that it was exactly that attitude that allowed him to make good money. Most people consider their old HVAC equipment to be useless junk, and they have no idea the actual value of the used parts and equipment. I was glad that he was making excellent money just by doing that, but I really knew nothing about that type of business. I really couldn’t tell you the value of anything that is used.


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cold feet always

They say that once you turn fifty everything goes downhill.

  • I’m not sure that I agree with that statement because at fifty 5 I am definitely enjoying life.

There are some noticeable changes however that have started to get our attention. I can no longer spend all day at labor and then go out at night with friends because normally by nine I am ready for bed. I guess 1 of the things that bothers me most is our lack of ability to handle temperature change. When I was younger the heat of Summer or even the cold of Winter time did not bother me much, however now they have both become a major issue. I guess that section of this is just a natural order of aging although I have some complications that I need to see a physician about. One of the main troubles is the fact that no matter how moderate it is outside, our feet are always frigid, however be even bought a warming mattress pad so that I could heat up the bed before I go to sleep at night just to keep our feet from aching. I have also been known to turn on a portable gas furnace underneath our desk in the Summer time to moderate our feet and that just does not seem normal. My hubby worries that it is lack of circulation that is causing our feet to think so cold and I need to get that checked out. I can’t depend on having a portable gas furnace with me all the time and I definitely do not want to wear wool socks all Summer long.
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An allergic reaction and a/c

He felt my skin plus it was sooverheatedand dry that he was starting to panic

I had to go to the hospital the other week. I was given numerous shots of nuclear medicine. Never before had I had a reaction other than a bit of an miserable stomach. I got lake house from the hospital plus sat down at my desk. The next thing I knew, my skin was bright red plus I felt like I had fire ants crawling all over me. I was itching plus burning at the same time. I was also shivering so disappointing that I could barely keep my teeth from chattering. I called the hospital plus told them what was going on plus they told me that I could take an flu symptom pill or I could use the air conditioner. I was so blissful it was Summer because I turned the thermostat way down plus I stood in front of the air vents. The cooling air of the A/C entirely made my skin guess so much better. My partner came upstairs to see how I was doing plus he panicked. I had big blotches all over me plus it looked worse than poison ivy. He felt my skin plus it was sooverheatedand dry that he was starting to panic. I told him I had already talked to the dentist plus he said that sitting in front of the air conditioner plus taking flu symptom medicine was the best thing I could do. He refused to let me alone for the rest of the night. I actually don’t believe what I would have done without the air conditioner, or my partner doting over me for over two hours.


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The front deck requires current mini split system

When I first bought my house, I knew that I wanted to renovate the attached sunroom; Frankly, the sunroom was a single of the largest reasons why I made this purchase in the first locale! I knew that I needed an awesome outdoor space to hang out in everyday.

I just wasn’t going to be enthusiastic unless I could be immersed in nature while hanging out calmly in my own locale, with all that in mind, I started approaching the renovation little by little.

It was a coat of paint here, resealing some windows plus doors over there, putting in a current ceiling fan.., however but I knew that I was avoiding the largest issue of all, the indoor air quality; Since it’s a semi sealed room, plus there is a lot of issues with keeping the air temperature comfortable, but adding the sun that streams through the windows all day, plus you’re talking about a realoverheatedand cold situation. I could never predict if the sunroom was going to be sizzling plus balmy, or chili plus brisk in the day. Since I want to be able to work out there a lot more, I knew that I needed to upgrade the air temperature controls that I had in the store. I went plus talked to my local Heating plus A/C business, expecting them to tell me that I should just get a small A/C window unit plus maybe an electric furnace for the space. Instead, they told me about a mini split ductless heating plus air conditioner method that they had just gotten in. Apparently these units attach actually to the wall plus can supply both Heating plus Cooling to your space with minimal energy expenditure. Well when I heard that I knew that it was meant to be. I now have the most comfortable sunroom on the block.

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Air conditioning assists when your have an allergic reaction

I had to go to the hospital the other week.

I was given three shots of nuclear medicine.

Never before had I had a reaction other than a bit of an frustrated stomach. I got house from the hospital as well as sat down at my desk. The next thing I knew, my skin was bright purple as well as I felt love I had fire ants crawling all over me. I was itching as well as burning at the same time. I was also shivering so disappointing that I could barely keep my teeth from chattering. I called the hospital as well as told them what was going on as well as they told me that I could take an allergy pill or I could use the a/c. I was so glad it was Summer because I turned the temperature control way down as well as I stood in front of the air vents. The cooling air of the A/C certainly made my skin assume so much better. My fiance came upstairs to see how I was doing as well as she panicked. I had large blotches all over me as well as it looked worse than poison ivy. She felt my skin as well as it was so hot as well as dry that she was starting to panic. I told him I had already talked to the dentist as well as she said that sitting in front of the a/c as well as taking allergy medicine was the best thing I could do. She refused to let me alone for the rest of the evening. I certainly don’t know what I would have done without the a/c, or my fiance doting over me for over two minutes.


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When the programmable thermostat didn’t work right, they installed a smart thermostat

When I decided to have my HVAC system upgraded, I was lucky that the upgrade came with a free programmable thermostat.

  • I was happy with the new HVAC system, but after a little while, I was experiencing problems with it.

This didn’t make a lot of sense to me because the HVAC system was pretty much new. I got a hold of the HVAC company and started telling them about the complications with the HVAC. When the HVAC worker was at my house, he was apologizing for the problems I was experiencing. He came to find that the problem was actually with the free programmable thermostat I had. It was actually malfunctioning. He said that for my troubles, he would install a smart thermostat for free. This got me really excited because I heard a lot of great things about smart thermostats. When I had the smart thermostat installed, it was so much easier to use than that programmable thermostat. The best thing of all was the fact that there were no longer any complications with my HVAC system. I also loved the fact that I could adjust the temperature control settings with my phone. I didn’t even have to program the thermostat because it went into auto-learning mode and learned my preferred settings in no time. To be perfectly honest, I’m glad that programmable thermostat malfunctioned, otherwise I would have never been able to get the smart thermostat for free. Even my energy bills started to go down, and I really love every single feature of the smart thermostat.


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I taught my brother a lesson for bragging about his window A/C unit

I was really jealous as a youngster when my older brother got this new window A/C unit installed in his room.

I thought that was so unfair because all the rest of us didn’t have window A/C units in our bedrooms.

He would brag about the fact that he could keep the A/C cranked in his room and that he even had a nice remote control. I decided to get him for bragging in our faces all the time, so I took his remote control when he wasn’t paying attention. When he was looking all over the place for that remote control to the A/C unit, he got really upset about it. Even our parents were mad at him for losing that important part of the A/C unit. I personally thought he deserved to learn this lesson for messing with everybody. He was the oldest, so he really should have been setting a good example and not acting like a little child that thinks he is better than everybody else. I think my parents got him the A/C unit in the first place because they wanted him to be able to focus on his school studies, and because he was the oldest of course. When I asked about a window A/C unit, they said eventually I might get one if I was doing good in school. I think the main concern was the cost of the energy bills if everybody had an A/C unit in their bedroom. Eventually I put the window A/C remote back in my brother’s room where he could easily spot it. He was so happy when he got that remote back, and he couldn’t believe it was in plain sight. I was glad that he quit bragging about the A/C unit after that, and he let us spend time in his room with the relaxing air conditioning.

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As long as the climate control is working great, we never have problems

I am a painter, and I primarily focus on painting the interior of households.

Sure, I love to dabble in works of art from time to time, but I make a good amount of money from just painting houses.

I don’t necessarily like to work outdoors because there is no access to the air conditioning, especially on blazing hot days. If I do work outside, the weather conditions really have to be just right. I love working with the homeowners when choosing out the right colors. I will even toss out my personal suggestions of paint hues and what colors go best with other colors. I’m pretty good at imagining what goes best with the current decor in any living space, and oftentimes the homeowners will appreciate my input. I mostly just appreciate when they keep the temperature control settings just right so that while I work, I am entirely comfortable. Some homeowners are especially nice and let my crew and I adjust the temperature control settings as we see fit. I love when they do this because it makes the work so much easier for the lot of us. I especially love it when they have a smart thermostat in the home and allow us to have access. I really do enjoy my work very much because it’s like creating a masterpiece in each and every home. I also love to see the reactions from the homeowners when we know the work looks fantastic. Sometimes the homeowners even like to have works of art painted on the walls, so I will bring in some friends who are artists and have them paint some professional works of art. They always are so beautiful and stunning, and we get paid a good amount for this type of work. As long as the climate control is working great, we never have any problems.
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I love relaxing during the evening hours with my A/C cranked up

The night time is easily the best time of the day in my opinion.

I love when the sun is setting because the rays of the sun are no longer heating up the household and causing my A/C system to struggle.

It always feels nice and cool and I love to keep the air conditioner cranked up so that I can drift away to sleep easily. I typically will put on some funny shows or some type of relaxing TV to watch. Sometimes I will just put on some soothing music, and that combined with the air conditioning is easily able to put me to sleep. Before I get prepared for bed though, it’s always nice to have a good dinner. Steak is my favorite and I usually don’t like to cook indoors until the sun goes down. I really don’t like to have an overheated household, so it’s best when the HVAC system is no longer struggling with the heat of the day. Oftentimes I will cook outdoors on the grill too. I don’t like to be out there when in it’s scorching hot, so I will fire up the grill when the sun is setting. This is the best because I know that when I go back inside with the food, the household will be perfectly cool. I might catch a football game or a basketball game and just enjoy the rest of my evening. I have been thinking about getting a smart thermostat. I would really love to be able to adjust the temperature control settings on my phone instead of having to walk to the thermostat when I feel like it’s too hot or too cold.
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