Corporate wellness program is a hit

I was happy to get a job in my field directly out of school. But, the job requires undoubtedly long hours plus I spend them sitting at a desk, staring at a screen and typing on a keyboard. I’ve never been so stationary in our life. From spending so much time resting in 1 position, I started to have problems with our neck, back and hips. I suffered from migraines plus carpal tunnel plus also acquired a significant amount of weight. By the end of work, I felt tired plus lacked the motivation to workout. I consistently grabbed fast food for a meal on the way home. As our appearance plus health worsened, I began feeling depressed plus our productivity also declined. When I finally spoke with our office supervisor, I was on the verge of quitting our job. She mentioned that various of our coworkers had expressed similar issues plus that he’d been considering implementing a corporate wellness program. She asked if I hoped to help organize it. I was super excited by this opportunity. I instantly started researching the benefits plus how to go about organizing a corporate wellness program. I located a personal trainer in the area who specializes in this type of fitness plus was able to work with my schedule. I found an unused conference room that I was able to vacate plus designate as our workout area. When I provided a sign up sheet to our coworkers, the response was overwhelming. So many of them wanted to take place in the corporate wellness program that both of us needed to add more sessions. The program includes workouts at different times of the morning with the personal trainer plus nutritional counselling.



Personal Fitness Expert

Getting in shape for the wedding

After dating for a couple of years, my husband Randy proposed to me.

I was super happy plus nervous to plan our wedding.

I wasn’t interested in anything overly pricey or big. I hoped to put together a straight-forward wedding plus tiny reception. The only thing I was willing to splurge on was the dress. I chose a fitted and lovely dress that I felt would flatter our figure. However, when I tried on the dress, I wasn’t that happy with what I saw in the mirror. I’d clearly put on a significant amount of weight over the last few months. Unwilling to give up on the dress, I knew I needed to get in better shape before our big day. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to be in good shape for that special night. Not only was I determined to cut weight, I hoped to tighten up my body plus tone my muscles. To make certain I got the results I was looking for, I called up a personal trainer for assistance. The personal trainer insisted on a total wellness plan. The guy said that exercise alone wouldn’t achieve my goals. I needed to make a sizable change to my diet as well. The man said that combining a healthy meal plan with a dedicated exercise regimen would improve our quality of life. I undoubtedly followed his instructions, undoubtedly careful. Although it was difficult to give up sweets, I ate what he said. I did not do any cheating on the diet either.

Personal Physical Training

The personal trainer was what I needed

By making fitness a proper area of my yearly routine, I’ve been able to stay in good shape as I’ve grown older.

  • Working out in the daytime is as ingrained in my head as brushing my hair or showering each day.

I do my best to stay motivated and push myself to achieve new goals. Lately, I recently realized that I needed some professional assistance. I’d reached a plateau plus was unable to gain anything new. I found it more plus more difficult to keep up with a high intensity level throughout our workouts. I’d become upset, bored plus disinterested. While at the gym, I happened to notice an advertisement for a personal trainer. I did some online research, checking reviews of her clients plus decided to give the girl a call. As soon as both of us sat down together for the first session, I knew I’d done the correct thing. The personal trainer is so gleeful and encouraging. She insists that I continually work harder plus longer, consistently demanding more reps plus bigger achievements. The girl has introduced a whole new training style that incorporates a wide variety of exercises. Where I used to stick with jumping rope or running for my cardio portion, she has me rock climbing, going through obstacle courses plus doing all sorts of hops. Rather than just lifting weights, she has me utilizing resistance bands, poles, weighted balls plus kettlebells. While I never paid much attention to my flexibility, she prioritizes stretching before and after a workout.

Personal Training

Can’t go to my fitness center due to the virus

I would get up and do it online! Right now I am desperate for some type of social interaction

The coronavirus has seriously frigged up my routine. I am a gal that runs on a tight schedule because I love to have it that way. My work week typically begins early for me. I would wake up plus go to the personal training center. I would get an hour of exercise before the office even opened. After that I would get a fruit smoothie, hit a few stores plus maybe eat out or just go home for my dinner. I am a social gal. Now that the whole world has to do social distancing, I can’t do any of this. I work totally from my house now plus all my stores plus smoothie places are closed. The worst is my fitness center is not open. I love getting up and starting my day with some exercise. My personal trainer is literally the greatest. She is so excited plus has a different theme of the day. One day all of us checked our upper body. We used all different weighted things like poles, balls, and battle ropes to tone our arms. Another day was all martial arts training like punches, kicks, and combinations. It makes my day start fun plus I love getting a great sweat in. With social distancing, I can’t go to the gym. I want my fitness expert to offer the class on the computer. I would get up and do it online! Right now I am desperate for some type of social interaction. I am doing terrible working out on my own as well. I don’t know what to do!
Yoga studio

I can’t talk to the cute girl in class

By the end of an hour long workout I am totally saturated

I take a group fitness class around two days a week. There is a hot girl that attends the fitness class at the same time as me. I am desperate to get a date with this girl. Sadly nothing is working to get this to happen. 1st, the class is right after I get out from work. I have to sprint to my car plus drive directly to the training center. Even doing this, I am late most of the time. I get stuck in the back corner of the work out space. Hot girl arrives bright and early, most likely since she has a front and center spot. The personal trainer had us state goals before all of us began the class. My goal was to tone up my biceps. The fitness expert has me in the weight lifting section using medicine balls, kettlebells plus weighted poles. The hot girl must have picked something cardio related since she is typically on a treadmill in the opposite end of the gym. I can’t flirt with the girl at all while in this section. At the end of class all of us do a partner stretch plus I can’t abandon Doug since I have used him since the beginning. The only way to talk to the hot girl is at the end of class. By the end of an hour long workout I am totally saturated. I also have pit stains, crotch sweat plus I drip all over the mat. I am the least charming thing in the room. What lady would want to go out with me?


Only man single in the couples class

When I started dating this girl Mary, I was down for doing couple things.

We did a candle making class, a wine making course plus all sorts of stupid couple things.

Everything was all short term arrangements except for doing a couples fitness class at the personal training center. I signed us up for 12 weeks plus paid ahead. Sadly, after one week of dating, Mary plus I are no longer. I still have over two months left of the fitness class. I paid for it plus I am not going to lose it on the cost. So now I am the only single man in a room full of couples. Is it odd? Yeah, plus super sad too. But I want to get my money’s worth plus recently I discovered the class is great. The fitness expert that runs it is so excited. She has a lot of great workout drills and stretches that change up each week. Obviously since it is a class for couples, a lot of it requires a partner. I am so thankful the fitness expert has taken pity on me and works out as my partner. She is in ideal shape plus can do everything super well. I also get stuck demonstrating as her partner to the class a lot. That is fine though. I, of course, am ridiculously in love with the woman now. She is young, fit plus unquestionably sweet. She also helped me out in a bind. I am unquestionably hoping she magically loves me by the end of my class.
Workout classes

Getting training to help tone my arms

As a woman, working the upper body is not that fun.

Men love hitting the weights and the bench press section of the gym.

They love holding that big barbell above their heads. Men love working back and shoulder muscles too. I love doing all butt, leg and cardio work. Recently I have tried to be better about working my whole body. I have a super strong lower half, with weak little biceps. I hastily realized I had no idea what to do weight lifting wise. Not only did I not think how to work the machines, but I did not think how much weight to put on my machine. I did not know what equipment works what muscles plus what I needed. I finally decided to have a personal trainer help me 1 time a week. The certified fitness expert started out taking me machine to machine in order to learn how they all operated. Now her and I don’t even use those machines. The girl has me working with medicine balls, kettlebells, weighted poles and even battle ropes. All that equipment does work my arms, however it doesn’t hurt me. The trainer is very good about telling me what everything is working and how long to do it for. She stresses to do lower amounts but at higher repetition rates to tone rather than bulk my arms. I am super excited with the progress I already have had. I am thinking about increasing the number of days I see my fitness expert.

Health center

I think I can run better

I have typically been great about doing a work out.

I exercise almost everyday for at least 40 minutes.

I do weightlifting, cardio, bike riding plus swimming. I love changing up what I do. One thing that has constantly stayed is that I dislike running. Sometimes I get really motivated to try plus get back into it. It is typically a sad point for me. Not only am I super slow, I can’t run very long plus I typically get a side cramp. Recently I made running faster and better my goal. I wanted to run 9 minute miles plus go for at least more than three miles. I signed up for personal training at the local fitness center in order to work with me. I figured running right after opening my front door wasn’t good enough. I thought the certified fitness expert might have some advice or a tip for me. I am so thankful I hired my fitness expert! The girl first was appalled by my running gear. My shoes were too old plus provided no arch support. Then she watched me run plus was unhappy with my short stride. I only run from the knee down. For weeks her and I have been working on lengthening my strides where I open my entire body. My arm position, back position plus breathing all have been changed as well. I no longer suffer from side cramps when I run. I can run a long time now, although I am still super slow. I am optimistic though.
Workout planner

Learning to run with my airedale

When I got myself an airedale the first thing I wanted to do was run with him.

  • I looked online and purchased a special leash in order to run with my airedale.

Apparently I am a terrible dog trainer though. My airedale and I were not sympatico when it came to running as a pair. I then hired a certified fitness expert to teach me official leash holding with my dog. Two days a week I met with the trainer plus she focused on both me plus my airedale. I had to run a unique way plus hold the leash at a particular level. I needed to whistle, work the leash plus have a clear running path so my airedale can learn what to do. My airedale also needed to practice with me before all of us decided to go on the road. For a long time the dog and I just practiced with the fitness expert at her training facility. After a few weeks of this, my dog plus I now can run together. The two of us love going for runs. Three days a week I grab the special running rope plus my pup gets all pumped up. I strap him in his harness plus all of us take off running. I start us out with a light jog that slowly picks up over the course of the run. My pet particularly pushes me to sprint right out the gauntlet. I basically run until I get my airedale to quit. Then I let him walk for a bit and the final stretch to my beach house is where all of us sprint.

Cross fit

Now I love jumping rope

Slowly the fitness expert has been increasing how long all of us jump rope.

The last time I jumped rope I was in my early teens and in school. The gym teacher had tons of red and green beaded jump ropes around the gym. The kids were instructed to choose a rope and then jump the entire 30 minute class. I never could jump rope too well. The rope consistently banged me in the legs and it hurt. That was my least favorite thing to do in gym class. When I started a group physical training class at the body wellness center, I adored it until the jump rope came out. The fitness expert brought out jump ropes and said all of us were now going to warm up using the ropes. I pictured myself tripping over the rope and being embarrassed just like when I was 12. The fitness instructor actually measured us to a rope. I had a jump rope to my height, taught how to hold it and how to jump. My personal trainer just had us jumping rope for the equivalent of one song. I was weary afterwards. I was dripping with sweat and my heart was pumping. The cardio workout with jumping rope is amazing. Slowly the fitness expert has been increasing how long all of us jump rope. We also have l learned tricks like jumping on one foot, running plus turning with it. I feel so great about my jump rope skills. I also like how toned my arms, legs and tummy look now. I guess it is all the heavy cardio that comes with it.

Health plans