Dave and Sally’s programmable thermostat

Dave explained that this was because they had a multi split air conditioner; the air from one room did not circulate through to the other so the temperature stayed consistent throughout the house

A few weeks back our neighbors Dave and Sally invited us over for dinner. It was one of those hot, sultry days in July when the heat made us feel lethargic and heavy. Sally prepared a wonderful summer salad and Dave explained thta he’d just outfitted his air conditioner with a programmable thermostat. The temperature in his house was always “just right,” he said, and he welcomed us over to enjoy it with him and his family over dinner. So, since we weren’t terribly busy and didn’t really want to heat up the house by cooking, we agreed to go over. The first thing we noticed when we stepped inside the house was the absolute crispness of the cool, air conditioned air. It was almost like walking into a sunless winter field–it wasn’t cold, but it was definitely crisp. We could also tell that the air conditioner had superior air purification since the air also felt clean as we breathed it in. Sally was in the kitchen preparing the meal. Interestingly, the heat from the stove and oven didn’t affect the temperature of the living room where we sat while we waited for dinner. Dave explained that this was because they had a multi split air conditioner; the air from one room did not circulate through to the other so the temperature stayed consistent throughout the house. Dave also told us how his new programmable thermostat was working out and explained that it was helping save utility costs since it allowed him to better control when and how the HVAC unit operates–even when he and Sally are not home.


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Cooling expert: a career of the future

Teens and young adults contemplating their next move after school often feel lost.

On the one hand, they are told that the sky is the limit when it comes to choices and opportunities.

Parents, teachers and counselors encourage young people to pursue their passions. At the same time, young people are keenly aware that a life in the pursuit of passions can often be difficult, if not impossible. Many artists, designers, actors and actresses spend their careers doing something other than their passion since the market for creativity tends to be small. Only a few rise to the top while the rest languish. So many parents, teachers and counselors are advising their youngsters to take a more practical route when it comes to choosing a career and leave the passion for spare time. One promising and very practical choice of career is in the cooling industry. New HVAC technologies are emerging everyday given the rising demand for better, more efficient indoor temperature control. However, there currently are not enough cooling experts available to fully service this fast growing industry. Becoming a cooling expert can therefore be a very savvy option for young people looking to start a lifelong, stable and well-paying career. Cooling experts will be needed to install, service, repair, refurbish and design the HVAC systems of today and tomorrow. With rising middle classes all over the world, the demand for quality home and commercial HVAC systems will continue to rise and rise. Cooling experts will command high salaries and will be able to take their pick of locations in which to live and work. Trade schools and community colleges nationwide offer training and certification in heating and cooling technology. For more information about becoming a cooling expert, research HVAC jobs.

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Air conditioning supplier vs. big box store

Most people purchase their heating and cooling products from big box stores typically found at every strip mall and shopping center in America.

They do so for a few reasons: they believe that the big box stores offer the best prices; big box stores are thought to be the most convenient places to shop; and, finally, many are simply not aware of other options when it comes to heating and cooling products and therefore think that big box stores are “the only game in town.” All of these assumptions are faulty, however, since air conditioning suppliers can typically outperform big box stores on all of these metrics.

First, air conditioning suppliers often provide the same or better quality HVAC systems for both home and commercial use than their big box store counterparts do. Indeed, since most big box stores purchase their inventory from factories overseas, the quality of the systems they provide can sometimes be subpar. Second, on the question of convenience, air conditioning suppliers can match the services big box stores provide. Many have active online ordering systems where customers can shop and order quality heating and cooling products and equipment. Many air conditioning suppliers may also even deliver goods to consumers. Finally, though they may not have the name recognition of the big box stores, almost every major town or city in the US is home to a quality air conditioning supplier. Prospective customers just need to do a little digging online or in their local town directory and they’ll be sure to find a reliable and friendly air conditioning supplier near by.

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Cooling industry: wave of the Future

Many industries of the past have disappeared.

Car and furniture manufacturing, once the foundation of the economy, have largely disappeared from many parts of the country.

Where they continue to exist, they are a fraction of the size they once were since machines and automation have largely overtaken much of the manual labor once provided by workers. One industry that is not only not slated to disappear any time soon, but expected to rise is the cooling industry. The cooling industry is already well established throughout the southern parts of the US and in almost all major metropolitan areas globally. But with rising middle classes in emerging economies like Brazil, China and India, and with shifts in global temperatures producing record-breaking heatwaves across the world, the demand for cooling technology is expected to rise exponentially. While this may initially produce some challenges with energy demands and balancing, improved HVAC technologies will enable more people to cool their homes and businesses efficiently and affordably. Where there may be more challenges will be in the area of labor and expertise. The technology in heating and cooling may, for a time, outpace the ability of schools and current cooling experts to train the next generation of HVAC technicians. Current experts in the cooling industry are therefore lobbying for expanded training programs in local trade schools and community colleges, while those already on the job have raised their rates since they are in such high demand. The higher salary commanded by HVAC technicians is, according to some estimates, expected to eventually make up for any shortfalls in the field as young people enter the field due to favorable pay. For more information on the cooling industry, research HVAC tips.

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Commercial air conditioning

Few of us appreciate the difference between commercial air conditioning and the air conditioning we use in our homes.

But there are some very significant differences and knowing about them can save consumers quite a bit in service and repair costs as well as in utilities (for energy-saving help, research HVAC tips).

Typically, commercial air conditioners are used in business settings of all kinds. Offices, restaurants, salons and more all typically use commercial air conditioning systems to cool indoor spaces. Commercial air conditioners provide maximum temperature control and are typically more powerful than the kind of HVAC system provided in homes. They also typically use more energy than home HVAC systems because they are larger and more powerful. But they may not always be necessary. Small businesses housed in small spaces where customers or clients will not be spending a significant amount of time may not necessarily need commercial air conditioning. Of course, this will depend on the type of business being considered. A business involved with food preparation should use commercial air conditioning and top of the line refrigeration. Local regulations will typically stipulate required temperatures for restaurants and other food vendors and these should always be adhered to. But a phone repair shop where customers will drop off and pick up phones may not require the investment of a full scale commercial air conditioner. This is particularly so if the shop is small and if it is located in a milder climate. In instances like this, a simple centralized HVAC system will do. Of course there are also always commercial options (for a comprehensive list of the best air conditioning systems for your needs, research HVAC tips).


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Downsizing and energy-saving

It seems that life’s essentials grow more expensive everyday.

  • The cost of housing, food, medical care, gas and utilities goes up every year.

Meanwhile, wages remain largely stagnant (for a full economic analysis of costs and wages for the last twenty years, economics). More and more people are therefore looking for ways to make more money; they take can side projects in what is now called the “gig economy” of casual labor and they spend even more time at work. They are also cutting costs by skipping vacations, downsizing their cars and homes and eating out less often (follow this link for more information on how to save money). All of this may seem disconcerting, but there is a silver lining. As more and more people adjust to what is sometimes called “small living,” they are also using less energy. They are also as a result becoming more aware of human impacts on the environment and the negative feedback loop this can create when consumption outpaces nature’s life cycle. So, many people are now taking active steps to save energy (for energy-saving tips, research HVAC tips). They know to turn their air conditioning systems to ‘low’ when they are out. They are also using smart HVAC systems for indoor temperature control, a shift that has positive energy savings due to the ability of smart HVACs to automatically adjust for energy costs and other factors. Programmable thermostats and wifi HVACs are also new energy-saving innovations helping to reduce greenhouse gases and cut utility costs. Finally, solar powered heating and cooling products and equipment are now coming online at more affordable prices. Those looking to cut costs and energy consumption are investing in these new technologies. For more information on how downsizing can save money and the environment, research HVAC tips.

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Air purification help

Many of us do not realize the importance of air purification in this day and age, but with threats to air quality on the rise, air purification has become more and more important to protecting and maintaining our health. Indeed, air purification is now considered a vital part of healthcare for those who suffer from respiratory illness, allergies and other ailments. Doctors also recommend air purification systems for homes for the elderly or disabled. Young children and pregnant women also benefit greatly from air purification systems. However, though the benefits of air purification are well established, many are still unsure as to how to go about ensuring that the air in their homes, offices and businesses is as clean as it can be. The good news is that new technology is being developed to help assess the air quality in your area and in your home. Based on this assessment, an HVAC professional can provide air purification help. He or she will help you determine whether or not you need a whole home air purification system or if your current HVAC system is already outfitted with some form of air purification system or if you need a HEPA filter. From there, your technician can also assist you in choosing the right model and size air purification system given your needs, price points and long term plans. At the same time, it is a good idea to do your own homework. There are a plethora of freely available resources users can consult if they need air purification help. Follow this link for more information.


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Residential HVAC

Most can be purchased through a local HVAC business or HVAC retailer

Most of us take our air conditioning systems for granted. We do not often think about the age, model or type of air conditioning system we have and how this might differ from the kinds of air conditioning systems used in businesses, offices and hotels. However, the distinction is quite important because homes of various sizes, types and locations will have very different indoor temperature control needs and mechanisms. It’s important to be educated on the differences between different kinds of HVAC systems so that you can be certain that you have the right kind of system for your indoor temperature control needs. With this said, it should be noted that most homes will require residential HVAC systems. Typically, these will provide central heating and air conditioning to cool all rooms in a home. Residential HVACs also often come with whole home air purification. They will typically use air filters that will either need to be washed or replaced on a regular basis. Those with respiratory illness or allergies can have HEPA filters installed to ensure that all allergens, dust and debris are removed before cooled air is circulated back out of the system. HEPA filters are recommended by allergy specialists for patients suffering from asthma, emphysema and mesothelioma, among other conditions. Residential HVAC systems are relatively energy-efficient, depending on the model, year and size of the unit, and typically come with a care plan that can defray the costs associated with the repair or replacement of the unit. Most can be purchased through a local HVAC business or HVAC retailer. Local HVAC businesses can also advise homeowners on how to properly care for and maintain their HVAC systems and they can also connect residents with qualified HVAC technicians for these services. For more information, research HVAC technicians.

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An HVAC Contractor is Not Something to be Skimped on

My entire adult life went by without ever building a house from the ground up.

I had a small house when I was first married. When we started a family, we chose to buy a relatives house. This house was perfect for us because it allowed us all the room we needed to grow our family. And we ended up growing a great big family. However, now that the last child has left the nest, my wife and I decided to fulfill that dream of building our own home. So, we hired a general contractor for the structure, electrical and plumbing. The rest of the subcontracting we handled on our own. This was a bit more challenging than we had figured upon. But, it saved some money and kept us very hands on with the entire build. The HVAC was a particular part of the project that went from gloomy to great. Our immediate area doesn’t have a plethora of heating and cooling companies. We interviewed them all but were left completely underwhelmed by the HVAC providers. Most were not very professional. They showed up at the wrong meeting times or displayed poor organizational skills. So, we brought in an HVAC contractor from nearly 20 miles away. While this cost us a bit more, we knew right away that we were in professional hands. The man was so thorough and complete during his inspection. However, it was the specific questions he asked and the way he intently listened that was the greatest. The HVAC portion went off without a hitch. And the numbers came in right on target. Like my old man used to say, “you get what you pay for.”



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Thieves are Now Stealing the Copper from Inside HVAC units

I guess when they say that nowhere is safe from crime, they mean it.

This doesn’t come as a complete shock, but it does come with a little jolt.

The area I live in is about 40 miles from the nearest metropolitan area. Initially, when I moved here, it was a choice of quiet versus city. This area was rural to some degree and was free from most of the crime of the city. Living here was easy to choose because I could pop on the interstate and be to work in less than an hour. Well, that has been nearly 3 decades ago and a good bit of the city has shifted out here. Our community has grown by leaps since I first moved here. So has the crime and now the thieves are targeting HVAC units. That’s correct. Thieves are targeting the outside component of your HVAC system. That cabinet with the big fan in it on the side of your house is what I am referring to. Inside that cabinet is a compressor and a condenser which help make the HVAC heating and cooling unit work. However, I guess things have gotten so desperate for the thieves out there that they will go after anything of value. One might think the thieves would be stealing either the condenser or compressor unit. It would seem like these would be the valuable targets. But, that’s not it at all. The thieves are taking off the cabinet and then ripping out all the copper tubing that they can find. Copper tubing is what they are after. So, they destroy the rest of the HVAC equipment just to get to that. I guess my HVAC cabinet is yet another thing I will be locking down.

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