I have a weird idea for a gift for my mom and dad this year

My mom and dad are coming up on their 30th anniversary in September this year.

Since it’s such a big milestone, I want to get them a really great present to celebrate.

I didn’t want to buy them a plaque or a big TV or anything like that. I wanted to get them something that they would actually use on a daily basis. And I also wanted it to be something that they would never purchase for themselves. After I thought about it for a while, I realized that the best idea for an anniversary gift for them was the gift of better indoor air quality! I always worry about my parents and their indoor air quality because each of them have breathing issues. My dad has severe allergies and my mom has asthma. And so I thought that if I purchased a whole home air purification system for my parents, it would be a great surprise that would be really helpful as far as their breathing goes. I heard about this type of whole home air purification system that runs in tandem with your home’s current heating and cooling system. That way, any time your furnace or air conditioning system runs, the whole home air purification system will also turn on. When your heating or air conditioning comes through the air vents or heating vents, it will be purified air. I’m excited about the prospect of purchasing a whole home air purification for my mom and dad. I think that they will be very excited about the fact that they will breathe easier in their home after the installation is complete.

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I know this sounds crazy, but my husband just bought our house without ever seeing it

My husband just got a big promotion at work.

It’s good news for our family, but the downside is that we have to move all the way across the country now! The problem with this is that we are going to need to go ahead and buy a house all the way across the country before we ever even go out there. The trip is just too long and complicated to make twice and so we just have to depend on the proper research and realtor to help us choose the right house. Other than the basics like the size lot and the number of bedrooms, one thing that’s very important to us in choosing a house is the HVAC system. We are very particular when it comes to our indoor air quality, and so we are also looking for a place that has a whole home air purification system already installed. Besides that, we know that we want central air conditioning, a high efficiency furnace, and a smart digital programmable thermostat system. My husband gave all of this information to the realtor that we are working with out there and he’s supposed to be narrowing down the search for us. I’m also thinking that I would like to have a gas fireplace in the house. If we find a place with radiant heated flooring, that would definitely move the house up on my list! I’ve always wanted radiant heated flooring, and if we don’t have to mess with the installation process or the HVAC company that will make it even better!

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New heating system really complements the existing boiler system

I’ve been making due with a pretty basic heating system in my house for some time now. I always envisioned this lavish heating system, comprised of a special gas furnace or a boiler system to provide heat. I wanted everything to be “fueled” by that primary heat source, from the radiators in the house to the cove heating units over our beds. However, I wound up being too distracted while trying to renovate the heating system in my house, and I was left with only the boiler system to heat the place up. Recently though, I found out about radiant heated floors, and was absolutely fascinated by it. Essentially, radiant heated floors are a specialized form of heating that allows people to be heated from the ground up. The radiant flooring allows heat to pass upwards from hot water pipes below the floorboards, and in turn the entire house is heated effectively. There are no drafts, no cold spots, and no areas of the house that aren’t receiving heat treatment for the air! This radiant heated flooring system is also surprisingly easy to install – enough so that I was able to install it myself over a week’s time! The most time-consuming part was laying the floorboards over the hot water pipes and heating materials. Since I was essentially re-doing the floors in my house to install these radiant heated flooring units, I just rolled with it and treated this as a renovation for the heating system as well as the home’s decor.

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My HVAC ductwork suffered a major blow

I couldn’t believe my luck.

I had been doing so well financially, and I was set to get a huge bonus from work this week, too. Well, that’s the thing about Lady Luck: she doesn’t always have to bless you with good fortune! Let me back up here. About a month ago, I noticed that my air conditioning system was having to work into overtime just to get the house cooled down on a hot day. I figured this was just a symptom of the hot summer weather, and that things would go back to normal once the weather began to cool off. This wasn’t the case! In fact, the air conditioning seemed to stop cooling the house altogether. This was strange, since the A/C unit was running without pause for over a day! That’s when I knew something was wrong. I reached out to this local HVAC service company, who was able to dispatch a technician within a day’s time. The service technician that came out to check out my unit said that he needed to see the ductwork of the house. As he crawled around the attic, he found something pretty alarming! As it turned out, the ductwork for the house was chewed up by what appeared to be rodents. It was the strangest thing, especially since we rarely get rats or mice in this region. Either way, I had to shell out a small fortune to pay for the repairs, so I’m still pretty sour about it!

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This gym isn’t for me

Ever since the new year started I have been working on getting more fit.

It has now been almost five years since I graduated from college, and I am starting to feel and see my once fit body slip away. I would have started back on my fitness journey much sooner if it wasn’t for the problem that I have with my gym. The gym I have been working out at for years used to be great .The customer service was always great and I had zero qualms. Sadly a few years ago this all changed when they were bought out and had a change in management and staff. For some reason that I still don’t understand the new management seemed to be obsessed with air conditioning. I swear that it would be so cold inside that I was forced to wear a sweatshirt, even in the summer season. Even when a few of the other usual gym goers filed formal complaints about the excessive use of the air conditioning system nothing was changed. During those earlier years I didn’t have the funds to buy a membership at another gym due to the high monthly fees. Luckily for me the apartment complex that I have been living in has now installed a brand new gym for all of the tenants. At this gym there are no grumpy trainers, no excessive air conditioning units, and best of all, I don’t have to wear a sweatshirt to the gym any longer! I think that now I am back to work I need to double my workload to make up for all the lost time.


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Thanks, kind stranger

Every once in a while strangers do something nice for me out of the kindness in their hearts and it always reminds me that there truly are some good people out there.

  • These kind acts that happen to me always push me to be a kinder person and do nice things for other people who could use it.

I can still remember the day when I moved into a new part of town and I was a single mom just trying to get by. I quickly found out that the heating and cooling unit hardly ever worked in my old and run down home, However with all of the things I had to work out like getting my daughter enrolled in school and finding myself a job it was the least of my worries. As the winter season started to approach however the temperature began to quickly drop. I searched all over the place on the web looking for cheap heating and cooling units so my kid and I didn’t freeze to death during the winter, but I wasn’t able to find anything. Then the day came where I was walking home after a long and cold day of work to find that there was a brand new heated gas furnace in the house. There was a letter from the landlord that said he apologized for not helping me out sooner with the heating situation and the installation fee was on the house. I was so happy that I didn’t know whether to cheer or cry happy tears. I wish that more
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Can’t figure out my HVAC program

Most people rave about smart thermostats because you can adjust the temperature of your home without having to be at your house.

I recently moved into a new house and I have been having some trouble figure everything out. I haven’t ever lived alone before and this is a learning experience for me. I am used to having roommates help me out with things, but know I am going to have to figure things out for myself. I know that it’s a good idea for me to learn how to do things on my own, but it really does take more time. One thing that I am really having issues figuring out is my new HVAC system. Well, not actually the HVAC system, but the thermostat that controls the HVAC system. In my new house, I have a smart thermostat. Most people rave about smart thermostats because you can adjust the temperature of your home without having to be at your house. However, this takes time to set up on the thermostat and on our smart phone. I really wish that I could just call up the HVAC company and have them come out to the house and show me how to use the smart thermostat, but I know they would charge me a bunch of money to do that and I really don’t want to do that. I have been looking up some videos online that show you how to set up your smart thermostat, but they haven’t really been that helpful. I think that I might end up having to call the HVAC company because I am so confused by my smart thermostat!

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I am about to lose it over HVAC work

I have been having issues with my HVAC system for the past couple of months.

I really didn’t want to have to call an HVAC company to come out to my house, but I was desperate to have my air conditioning fixed.

After speaking with the owner of the HVAC company, he promised me that it would only take two days to have my HVAC system working properly again. I thought this sounded too good to be true, but I decided to move forward and have the HVAC company start the repairs on my HVAC system. Well, now it has been a month since that first phone call and I am about to lose my mind. For the past month, my house has been full of HVAC workers coming in and out to fix my HVAC system. I really do appreciate all the hard work they are doing, but I can’t deal with all these people in my house anymore. I just want all theses HVAC workers out of my house so I can get back to living my normal life. It is the middle of the summer and I want my cooling system to be working again so that I can cool down my house too. I called the owner of the HVAC company to see how much longer it was going to take to have the HVAC system completely working again and he said that it shouldn’t take more than two more days. I really don’t believe him at this point, but what am I supposed to do. I really just want to have these HVAC workers out of my house.

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Quality HVAC equipment

Many of us are looking for ways to save money. We skip vacations, work overtime, cut coupons, eat at home and shop for new clothes at bargain bins and thrift stores. Studies show that most families are just one four-hundred dollar emergency away from going completely broke. In short, times are tough for working families. But one area where even those who may be struggling financially should not make cuts is in quality HVAC equipment. There are several reasons for this. The first is cost itself. While quality HVAC equipment may be an initial significant investment, it will pay off down the road in savings. High quality HVAC equipment is manufactured to last. Consumers can expect quality heating and cooling products to last upwards of ten years if properly maintained by a qualified HVAC technician. The best makes and models of heating and cooling products will typically also some with a manufacturer’s guarantee and a warranty that will cover any costs of repair or replacement. There are also serious health reasons or investing in quality HVAC equipment. Top of the line heaters and air conditioners include a number of features that protect against air pollution, allergens and fumes. Further, given the frequency of extreme temperatures, quality HVAC equipment is a necessity. We know that exposure to extreme heat and cold poses grave dangers to health. Temperature extremes are especially risky for the elderly, the very young and those with compromised health. The best protection is quality air conditioning and heating. For more on all of the benefits of quality HVAC equipment, research HVAC tips.


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How to care for your HVAC system

There are many steps to keeping your heating and air conditioning system in top shape.

First, it is important to get your HVAC unit serviced on a regular basis.

Typically, the frequency with which you will need to service your HVAC system will be outlined by the manufacturer in the user’s guide accompanying the system on first purchase. Service schedules can vary from six months to a year. If you have lost your user’s guide and cannot find one online, contact your HVAC technician. He or she will likely be able to gather this information for you. Next, follow best practices when using your HVAC system. Do not let your HVAC unit run at either extreme heat or cool for long periods of time. This can overburden your system and lead to damage over the long run. Make sure your home or office space is properly insulated so that you are maximizing the effects of your heater or air conditioner. Plug up any leaks with sealant or duct tape. Air escape can also happen through the ducts and vents in your home. Be sure to seal these up too. Finally, regularly clean the ducts and vents connected to your air conditioner and replace your air filter on a three to six month schedule, or as recommended by your cooling expert. These steps will not only ensure that the air circulating through your home or office is clean, but will also save your HVAC system from getting overtaxed by accumulated dirt and debris. A clean HVAC system does not have to work as long to cool your home as a dusty system would. This will not only prolong the life of your HVAC unit, but it will also save you in energy costs–a win win.


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