Trying out bike riding as an adult

I have slowly gotten into riding my bike.

The last time I rode a bike I was maybe 11 years old.

I was never certain or all that content on a bike, so I did not do it long. Now that I am an adult, I am trying to enjoy it more. I moved down south to a tiny neighborhood that has miles plus miles of a paved bike path. I adore working out plus doing something unusual. The section is so perfect for bike riding. So for the first time in years I invested in a bike and the equipment to go with it. I then started getting into bike riding shape. That has been rough. My bottom, shoulders plus legs really hurt after my 1st ride. I have been going to the gym to train up my muscles to where I can go riding for at least an hour plus not be too crippled. My goal is to ride my bike at least 3 days a week. I know that riding a bike is such a great work out. I get to tone my legs plus be outside. I also have easy access to my water plus I can have hands free music. I even invested in the bright colored biking pants so that my bottom doesn’t hurt. I might need to start a physical training plan that is more intense though. I have thought about going more time on the bike path or even off roading for more intense peddling. At the gym, the stationary bike hardly helps me for those situations. The stand up bike is padded plus easy to use. The sit down stationary bike has a giant seat and it reclines.

Core progression