They have air filter subscription services these days

I easily realize that I’m becoming old, because I’m getting disgruntled plus cynical about pretty much everything! With every passing day, I find more to moan plus groan about. I honestly feel like the kids these days have everything so easy, plus they have truly no idea in the least how privileged they are. Everything these days is available on command. It’s instant gratification everywhere you go, from purchasing things online plus having them arrive within the same day, all the way to finding your life partner through the magic of iPhone apps. Everything in life is essentially right at your fingertips, all the time, and there is so little pressure or stress plus nobody seems to realize it. Recently, I was talking to my niece who was whining about her indoor air quality… Evidently, she recently found out that she has to maintain her indoor air quality control equipment, plus her mind was truly blown. For the 20 years that she lived with my sibling, she never had to bother about the indoor air quality or air handling equipment. She truly had no clue that air filter fluctuations were a thing, emergency repairs happened in the middle of the evening, plus routine repair appointments are completely necessary. I was trying to reason with her about the Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C conundrum, when she looked at her iPhone plus told myself and others she had a delivery coming soon. A delivery for what? Air filters. Evidently, you can even sign up for an air filter subscription these days, so she never has to remember to change the filtration device on her own. Even with auto-delivered air filters plus inherent reminders to complete the easy repair task, she was still complaining. With all of these current technological advancements, I don’t really know what is left to whine about.



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