The last time I rode my motorcycle

The call of the open road was the only call I ever heard.

I have friends of all kinds, some who went to college, some who went into the workforce, one or two that became criminals, and I always say they followed their own call. For me, that call was to ride a motorcycle, and nothing else in the world mattered but the ride. I couldn’t find a job that paid me to do that, so I just rode my hog on the nights and weekends, right up until that semi truck wiped out my bike and took my ability to walk… and to ride the hog. You better believe my first call was to a personal injury attorney, before I even talked to my wife or my kids. In my area there are several prominent firms that specialize in personal injury law, so I had my pick of top notch attorneys. I knew that I had to move quickly, but I also needed to be careful in selecting the personal injury lawyer that would best suit my needs. From one of my friends at the Harley dealership I got the name of a guy who specializes in motorcycle law, specifically in relationship with commercial truck accident law. Car crash lawyers come and go, but this guy was a rider himself, so he understood what i was about, and what I wanted to get out of this case. He did right by me, and anyone that needs a referral for a great motorcycle lawyer, just message me and I’ll tell you.

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