Only man single in the couples class

When I started dating this girl Mary, I was down for doing couple things.

We did a candle making class, a wine making course plus all sorts of stupid couple things.

Everything was all short term arrangements except for doing a couples fitness class at the personal training center. I signed us up for 12 weeks plus paid ahead. Sadly, after one week of dating, Mary plus I are no longer. I still have over two months left of the fitness class. I paid for it plus I am not going to lose it on the cost. So now I am the only single man in a room full of couples. Is it odd? Yeah, plus super sad too. But I want to get my money’s worth plus recently I discovered the class is great. The fitness expert that runs it is so excited. She has a lot of great workout drills and stretches that change up each week. Obviously since it is a class for couples, a lot of it requires a partner. I am so thankful the fitness expert has taken pity on me and works out as my partner. She is in ideal shape plus can do everything super well. I also get stuck demonstrating as her partner to the class a lot. That is fine though. I, of course, am ridiculously in love with the woman now. She is young, fit plus unquestionably sweet. She also helped me out in a bind. I am unquestionably hoping she magically loves me by the end of my class.
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