Learning to run with my airedale

When I got myself an airedale the first thing I wanted to do was run with him.

  • I looked online and purchased a special leash in order to run with my airedale.

Apparently I am a terrible dog trainer though. My airedale and I were not sympatico when it came to running as a pair. I then hired a certified fitness expert to teach me official leash holding with my dog. Two days a week I met with the trainer plus she focused on both me plus my airedale. I had to run a unique way plus hold the leash at a particular level. I needed to whistle, work the leash plus have a clear running path so my airedale can learn what to do. My airedale also needed to practice with me before all of us decided to go on the road. For a long time the dog and I just practiced with the fitness expert at her training facility. After a few weeks of this, my dog plus I now can run together. The two of us love going for runs. Three days a week I grab the special running rope plus my pup gets all pumped up. I strap him in his harness plus all of us take off running. I start us out with a light jog that slowly picks up over the course of the run. My pet particularly pushes me to sprint right out the gauntlet. I basically run until I get my airedale to quit. Then I let him walk for a bit and the final stretch to my beach house is where all of us sprint.

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