I think I can run better

I have typically been great about doing a work out.

I exercise almost everyday for at least 40 minutes.

I do weightlifting, cardio, bike riding plus swimming. I love changing up what I do. One thing that has constantly stayed is that I dislike running. Sometimes I get really motivated to try plus get back into it. It is typically a sad point for me. Not only am I super slow, I can’t run very long plus I typically get a side cramp. Recently I made running faster and better my goal. I wanted to run 9 minute miles plus go for at least more than three miles. I signed up for personal training at the local fitness center in order to work with me. I figured running right after opening my front door wasn’t good enough. I thought the certified fitness expert might have some advice or a tip for me. I am so thankful I hired my fitness expert! The girl first was appalled by my running gear. My shoes were too old plus provided no arch support. Then she watched me run plus was unhappy with my short stride. I only run from the knee down. For weeks her and I have been working on lengthening my strides where I open my entire body. My arm position, back position plus breathing all have been changed as well. I no longer suffer from side cramps when I run. I can run a long time now, although I am still super slow. I am optimistic though.
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