I can’t talk to the cute girl in class

By the end of an hour long workout I am totally saturated

I take a group fitness class around two days a week. There is a hot girl that attends the fitness class at the same time as me. I am desperate to get a date with this girl. Sadly nothing is working to get this to happen. 1st, the class is right after I get out from work. I have to sprint to my car plus drive directly to the training center. Even doing this, I am late most of the time. I get stuck in the back corner of the work out space. Hot girl arrives bright and early, most likely since she has a front and center spot. The personal trainer had us state goals before all of us began the class. My goal was to tone up my biceps. The fitness expert has me in the weight lifting section using medicine balls, kettlebells plus weighted poles. The hot girl must have picked something cardio related since she is typically on a treadmill in the opposite end of the gym. I can’t flirt with the girl at all while in this section. At the end of class all of us do a partner stretch plus I can’t abandon Doug since I have used him since the beginning. The only way to talk to the hot girl is at the end of class. By the end of an hour long workout I am totally saturated. I also have pit stains, crotch sweat plus I drip all over the mat. I am the least charming thing in the room. What lady would want to go out with me?