HVAC videos made me a star in my community

I never really expected that this would be my life! Sure, when I was a youngster I dreamt of becoming a celebrity plus strolling down the red carpet when I was an adult! However, I knew that it was not really going to be a reality for the likes of me… I am not entirely the celebrity type to be honest.

I am rather short, entirely average on the eyes, plus not truly full of wit or charisma.

That being said, somehow I am now the biggest star in our town. I never asked for this life for myself, but I don’t mind the benefits. It seems that everywhere I go, people actually know me plus ask for pictures. When I walk into local business establishments, they want to put my picture on the wall plus provide me with free goods. Best of all, I am continually being solicited by modern heating plus cooling appliance companies who have the desire to get a boost in sales from my endorsements. I don’t actually know how to explain it, but I’ve become a heating, cooling, plus ventilation celebrity. The whole thing started innocently enough. My aunt’s little heating, cooling, plus ventilation dealership was having a hard time making sales. They weren’t attracting any current clients in the area, plus they didn’t have a good way of spreading the word about their multitude of air quality control services. She asked me if I would produce some Instagram stories talking about our awesome indoor air quality conditions thanks to his corporation. I was more than happy to go along with it. I made a few fast videos plus Instagram posts about A/C appliances plus correct furnace repair. Within weeks, my account had blown up, plus I was being referred to as the Heating, Ventilation & A/C influencer of the South.

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