Getting training to help tone my arms

As a woman, working the upper body is not that fun.

Men love hitting the weights and the bench press section of the gym.

They love holding that big barbell above their heads. Men love working back and shoulder muscles too. I love doing all butt, leg and cardio work. Recently I have tried to be better about working my whole body. I have a super strong lower half, with weak little biceps. I hastily realized I had no idea what to do weight lifting wise. Not only did I not think how to work the machines, but I did not think how much weight to put on my machine. I did not know what equipment works what muscles plus what I needed. I finally decided to have a personal trainer help me 1 time a week. The certified fitness expert started out taking me machine to machine in order to learn how they all operated. Now her and I don’t even use those machines. The girl has me working with medicine balls, kettlebells, weighted poles and even battle ropes. All that equipment does work my arms, however it doesn’t hurt me. The trainer is very good about telling me what everything is working and how long to do it for. She stresses to do lower amounts but at higher repetition rates to tone rather than bulk my arms. I am super excited with the progress I already have had. I am thinking about increasing the number of days I see my fitness expert.

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