Getting in shape for the wedding

After dating for a couple of years, my husband Randy proposed to me.

I was super happy plus nervous to plan our wedding.

I wasn’t interested in anything overly pricey or big. I hoped to put together a straight-forward wedding plus tiny reception. The only thing I was willing to splurge on was the dress. I chose a fitted and lovely dress that I felt would flatter our figure. However, when I tried on the dress, I wasn’t that happy with what I saw in the mirror. I’d clearly put on a significant amount of weight over the last few months. Unwilling to give up on the dress, I knew I needed to get in better shape before our big day. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to be in good shape for that special night. Not only was I determined to cut weight, I hoped to tighten up my body plus tone my muscles. To make certain I got the results I was looking for, I called up a personal trainer for assistance. The personal trainer insisted on a total wellness plan. The guy said that exercise alone wouldn’t achieve my goals. I needed to make a sizable change to my diet as well. The man said that combining a healthy meal plan with a dedicated exercise regimen would improve our quality of life. I undoubtedly followed his instructions, undoubtedly careful. Although it was difficult to give up sweets, I ate what he said. I did not do any cheating on the diet either.

Personal Physical Training