Corporate wellness for the loading dock guys

I work in the loading dock for a major business.

The guys plus I package items plus load them up onto a giant truck.

A different person drives the truck plus delivers to people’s homes. Working in the storage unit is easy, but physical work. There is a lot of moving, bending plus lifting. The guys plus I also operate heavy machines. Ten years back everything was easy plus nobody was ever out of a job. Now that the food has gotten more sugary and fatty and people work out less, the guys in the loading dock are all fat. The crew got to the point where bending and lifting packages was not easy. It was constant guys out on injured pay. It was costing the corporation a lot of money. The corporation eventually invested in a corporate wellness program. They paired with a personal training center that provided group fitness classes. The guys plus I are meant to attend a class at least 3 days a week for free. The other 2 days in the toil day would be 75% off. To go on the weekend would only cost me around 50% of what it would normally cost people. A lot of the guys only go the allotted days. For me, I choose to go every single day. It is super cheap to do a group fitness class plus it helps me be more productive at my job. I feel so better and I am not sore at the end of my shift at work.

Weight lifting