Becoming an Instagram star for the HVAC business

I never thought that this would be my life. Sure, when I was a kid I dreamt of becoming a celebrity and walking down the red carpet when I was an adult. However, I knew that it was not actually going to be a reality. I’m not really the celebrity type. I’m rather short, mediocre on the eyes, and not particularly full of wit or charisma. That being said, somehow I’m now the biggest star in our town. I never asked for this life for myself, but I am okay with the benefits. Everywhere I go, people recognize me and ask for pictures. When I walk into local business establishments, they want to put my image on the wall and give me free stuff. Best of all, I’m continually being solicited by modern heating and cooling companies who are hoping to get a boost in sales from my endorsements. Yep, I don’t know how to explain it, but I’ve become a heating, cooling, and ventilation celebrity. The whole thing started innocently enough. My uncle’s little heating, cooling, and ventilation dealership was having trouble making sales. They weren’t attracting any new customers in the area, and they didn’t know how to spread the word about their myriad of air quality control services. He asked me if I would produce a few Instagram stories talking about my awesome indoor air quality thanks to his company. I was happy to comply. I made a few quick videos and Instagram posts about air conditioning systems and proper furnace maintenance. Within 2 weeks, my account had blown up, and I was being called the HVAC influencer of the south.