Trying to get a commercial printer cheap

Our school is a small, poor one.

There are certain things we just have to do without and others we deal with inferior products.

For a long time I focused on getting things for the kids. I pushed the school board to get me more books for the kids, school supplies and to outfit the classroom. I fundraised to get new chairs, desks and even the school HVAC system taken care of. I am constantly looking at improving the schooling in our town. The newest thing I am working on is now sort of for me. The printing in our school is terrible. We have a small printer that hardly works anymore. It constantly wants ink or has a paper jam. Getting it to copy papers has always been a hassle. What is awful is that there is no way to cut or laminate paper with it either. I have the old fashion cutter that is a wood block with a giant blade. Anything that needs lamination is just out of luck. I want the school to seem more professional and do things less by hand. I have been pushing for us to get a new printer at every school board meeting. Unfortunately we don’t have the budget for the entire equipment. I want a commercial printer that can print, copy, laminate and cut papers. It is a bit expensive. I did find a printing company that has a used one on their website. The used equipment is significantly cheaper and comes with a warranty. Now I am trying to get my fellow teachers to pitch in on the equipment. Then we could all benefit from it once it is here.


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