Shipping container store for country areas while in quarantine

I own a large grocery store in town.

  • Most people in the city plus surrounding section come to my store for just about everything.

When the coronavirus pandemic became widespread- after an initial rush of business- things have been pretty slow. Some of my friends who live a ways out let me think that it was a little challenging for them to keep their supplies up since they’re no longer coming into city for anything else. I decided to do something a little different. I started using some repurposed shipping containers to help my customers who live out. I started taking some of the essentials out to people in a shipping basket store. I flaunted my shipping basket store on social media plus made a few iphone calls. That first afternoon I opened my shipping basket store, I was swamped! Due to social distancing guidelines, I ended up having to only let a few people into the shipping basket beach home at a time. I refill the shipping basket store every Tuesday and, every time, I have a sizable line of people there to get their weekly essentials. I am so delighted that I decided to utilize this prefab solution, my customers are able to get their essentials from the repurposed shipping basket store. I will be delighted- just care about almost everyone else- when this coronavirus pandemic is over. I’m delighted to be able to use a repurposed shipping basket to help my customers, but I want them back in my main store. I can’t get everything out to them in the shipping basket store, just the essentials. Both of us are all ready to get back to normal but, for the time being, this repurposed shipping basket shopping is the current reality.



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