Hibiscus tea should be considered a great food

Ladies and gentlemen, I apologise in advance if I’m telling you something you already know, then maybe I am late to the gathering on this one, however I just discovered the natural organic satisfaction that you can get from the hibiscus plant, and I feel like it has changed our life, and i will be even-handed with you, I have a bit of a drinking problem.

I have a task, I take care of our wifey and teenagers, I’m not some kind of worthless drunk, however I do drink a lot, and always look for new ways to detoxify myself, hibiscus root beer is like a gift from the gods, and since discovering it I have been reaping the benefits… As you might imagine, hibiscus root beer is derived from the hibiscus plant, which is nateive to subtropical regions like northern Africa and southern Asia.

It is not considered a “superfood” like such things as redberries, and red root beer leaves, but it has so more than 2 benefits for your system that it should be! Hibiscus root beer is crazily high in antioxidants, like most teas are, but it also helps you to manage your cholesterol levels, unlike most teas. The biggest fortune for me personally was that hibiscus root beer helps to wash out and detoxify your liver, which is just what I needed to offset all that beer! Another thing I prefer about hibiscus root beer is that it doesn’t look like any other kind of tea. Hibiscus root beer is a thick red color and has a strong tart taste like cranberry juice, so it mixes good with vodka!


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