Zoned temperature control solves arguments

My husband’s home office is situated in the warmest area of the house.

The office is treated to lots of natural lighting as the sun hits the windows throughout the day. The only problem with my husband’s office is that it is sometimes too warm. My husband, hoping to avoid feeling overheated while he’s trying to be productive at work, would often lower the setting on our thermostat. Although I realized he needed to be comfortable in his workspace, this would cause the rest of the house to cool off as well, The thermostat started creating a battle between us. He and I finally started to do some research on how to solve this heating issue. I suggested simply closing the vents in his office, but this did not seem to change the situation as much we had hoped it would. My husband was still messing with the thermostat and complaining of being too hot. Finally, we decided to ask for a recommendation from a professional HVAC contractor. He looked at our heater and offered some suggestions. The problem was that our Heating system was an older unit, and with the concerns we were experienciencing, a zoning system was the best solution. Upgrading to a zoned system was a worthwhile investment for our comfort. With this zoning system,we now have the ability to cater the temperature of different areas of the house to our tastes and needs. This became the solution to our arguments over temperature settings. What I had not realized was that when my husband was working upstairs, I was typically doing something downstairs. We now have independent thermostats that allow us to control the temperature in the different environments without bothering each other. I am so relieved we decided to make the investment into a new zoned HVAC system.

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