Who do these HVAC technicians think that they are

The HVAC technicians that come to my house always feel like they are so cool, and it really bothers me.

The only reason that I hire these HVAC technicians is that they work for the only HVAC company in town.

I assure you that if there was another HVAC company, I would definitely hire the other HVAC company in a heartbeat. The only reason that I don’t like the HVAC company is that their HVAC technicians always have the same attitude. It doesn’t matter which HVAC technician I get, because I will always have the same problem. Now, these HVAC technicians do a good job, and they have always been able to fix whatever HVAC problem I have. Even though they have no direct competition in town, the HVAC company charges fair prices for their work when compared to other HVAC companies. However, the HVAC technicians are so arrogant. They literally think that they are so special because they know how to fix HVAC units. They always try to act like I am stupid because I have to ask them to fix the HVAC unit. If they only knew that I actually do know how to fix an HVAC unit. The only reason that I even hire the HVAC technicians is that I make enough money to not need to fix my own HVAC unit. However, I am considering fixing the HVAC unit myself. I would rather spend the time to do the work than have to put up with their cocky attitude. I really wish that they would hire humble HVAC technicians.

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