How many of you separate your trash for recycling? There are the organic wastes that can be used in a compost heap for home-made garden fertilizer. Plastics go into one bin, paper into another, metal into a third bin and so on. My own recycling “plan” is to empty several cans of beer each night and toss them into a plastic bin. I admit the bin fills up rather quickly, but I am always happy to do my civic duty with my recycling “efforts”. My wife even benefits from getting exercise walking to the convenience store to fetch my nightly aluminum recycling contribution. I even let her keep the 35 cents per pound that she gets when she totes several large bags of my cans to the recycling center. Another recycling occurs in every house with a central HVAC system and that is the air and I guarantee it pays a lot more than recycled aluminum. It all starts with cooled air that enters the living room where my aluminum recycling efforts are usually ongoing. As the air warms it rises where vents close to the ceiling or located on upper floors draw it in. The air is still cooler and probably less humid than the outside air, so it only makes sense to re-cool the filtered “used air” and pump that back into your living room instead of drawing in hotter more humid air from the outside. When your HVAC system works less to cool recycled air, you enjoy a lower electric bill and you end up with more beer money in your pockets. And that is recycling that we all can live with.


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