Realizing heating system requires maintenance

My husband and I are usually very busy and are not able to spend a lot of time at home. He and I are quite involved both in our work and the local community. This past winter, however, due to a severe snowstorm, we were kept inside for a longer duration than normal. I was thankful for a few nights without a ton of obligations and the opportunity to spend time together. This time was limited, however, by some issues with our Heating system. My husband and I did not realize that our heating equipment was not as efficient as it should be. The chilly weather definitely challenged the capacity of the Heating system. We were never able to get the temperature ideal and maintain it where we wanted it. He and I kept adjusting the setting on the thermostat, but it did not seem to make the actual temperature reach this number. I kept adding layers of clothing and bundling up with blankets, but I could not get warm enough. A neighbor of ours had suggested we have the Heating system professionally serviced in the fall, but we had been too busy to schedule this maintenance. After the snowstorm was over, we contacted a local HVAC contractor who helped us get to the bottom of our Heating system concerns. The technician discovered that the system was overrun with dust and simply needed a thorough cleaning to maximize capacity and efficiency. Professional upkeep is now a part of our fall list of jobs to make sure that the lake house and heating system is prepared for the winter weather. By having our furnace checked, we can be sure our home will be comfortable and our heating bills less expensive.

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