My mom’s heater is really nice

I love going to my mom’s house. She is a great hostess, and even though I am her daughter, she still spoils me like she would other guests at her house. She probably spoils me even more than she would others. That is not the only reason that I like going over to her house. I also love spending time with her. She is a calm, compassionate woman. She never speaks ill of anyone. She is so encouraging. I almost always leave her house with a smile on my face because she has lifted my spirits even if they weren’t down. She recently got a new heater that makes me love visiting her even more. She bought a smart heater that is really cool. It works really well too. I love it. I am thinking about getting a smart heater for my home now. She can control it from her phone. I have to admit that I never expected my mom to buy a smart heater. She is not really a techy person. She is not one of those older people who knows nothing about modern technology, but she is just not super into it. I am really glad that she decided to get that smart heater. It is good for her. She was quite cold in her house for some time. Her furnace works, but for some reason, it does not keep her house very warm. She should really get it checked out, but she doesn’t want to spend the money on it right now. In my opinion, a furnace is a really important thing, and if it needs to be fixed, it should take priority. Obviously, my mom doesn’t see it that way, so I am glad that she at least got a smart heater.

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