My house is so warm now that I started using a propane heater

I had never used a propane heater in my life until last week. I was having trouble heating my house for quite some time. It had probably been about two years since I had a working furnace. My furnace still worked a little bit, but it just did not get my house up to temperature. It was no fun at all. It is cold for most of the year where I live, so not having a properly working furnace just was not acceptable. I really wish that I could have gotten a propane heater sooner, but I didn’t even know that they existed. One of my friends actually told me about propane heaters. Apparently, she had used one to heat her garage, and she told me that it worked super well. I decided to try it out since I had nothing to lose. I could not afford to get my furnace fixed, so getting a propane heater was basically one of my only options. I bought a propane heater that sort of looks like a fireplace, but I guess it wasn’t really a fireplace. I thought it was, but the man at the store corrected me. He did take me to look at a few propane fireplaces, but they cost more than twice as much as the first propane heater that we looked at. I ended up getting the first propane heater that I looked at, and it works great. My house is actually warm again. I am so thankful that my friend recommended that I get a propane heater. I don’t know if I could have lived much longer in my cold house without it.

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