Murder and HVAC

One night, after a few six-packs of beer, Joe and Sally got into a bad argument over the control of their TV remote.

  • Sally wanted to watch a rerun of “Naked and Afraid” and Joe wanted to watch “WWE Main Event”.

Things got out of hand and poor Joe was doomed when Sally bashed him over the head with an Elvis statuette they had recently rescued after their cousin Biff’s eviction from his double-wide trailer. Sally worked weekends as a security guard at the county morgue and she knew that the HVAC system kept the place rather cool. This gave Sally a great idea: Set the HVAC system at home as low as possible, visit her Mom for a week, come back and set the temperature back to normal and then call the cops who would think Joe had met his demise in the middle of her time away. Sally was not meant to be a member of Mensa, but she knew that a body decays slower at a cooler temperature. When Sally returned to reset the thermostat, she was promptly arrested and sent away in handcuffs wondering how her great plan had failed. What Sally did not anticipate was that the coils in her HVAC system had not been cleaned in several years and after running at 100% capacity for an extended time, the HVAC froze up and shut down. A few days later the mailman noticed the odor and the cops found Sally’s fingerprints on the remains of the Elvis statue. The lesson here is clear: be sure to have your HVAC thoroughly cleaned by a qualified HVAC pro before you decide to follow Sally’s plan to establish an alibi.

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