I wouldn’t trust just an air filter to make my house clean

When it comes to the air quality of your house, you should never just trust your HVAC unit to do the job.

  • If you have hardwood floors and modern HVAC units, then you know that the air filter on your furnace or central air conditioner doesn’t do a good enough job of keeping dirt and other particles out of the air.

Even with my HVAC unit running, it only takes a few hours before the floor is completely coated in dust and other things. Of course, the air filter in the HVAC unit does do some things, but it doesn’t do everything. Also, buying a cheap air purifier with the same kind of air filter won’t do much better even though it will run more often than your HVAC unit. If you really want to make sure that the air that you are breathing is clean, then you should purchase a UV air purifier. This HVAC unit takes ultraviolet radiation and uses it to burn through the particles and stuff in your air. Often, this HVAC unit completely eliminates the things that you would prefer to stop breathing in. This HVAC unit also destroys viruses and bacteria so that you can prevent yourself from getting sick. I am always amazed at the different HVAC technicians that we have managed to develop, and I am excited to see where it goes. If you want your house clean, don’t just trust your standard HVAC unit. You should purchase a more dedicated air purifier, such as a UV air purifier. This will ensure that your air is clean.

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