I am not sure what happened to my air conditioner

I lost my air conditioner, and I have no idea how I lost it. I moved last year, but I know that I took my air conditioner with me. It was during the summer that I moved, so I took the air conditioner out of the living room of my old house and put it in the living room window of my new house. I continued to use it for another month or so before I put it away in storage. I store things in my attic just like I did at my previous house. I looked everywhere in my attic, and I simply cannot find my air conditioner. It is not a very big attic, so there are very few places that I could even put it. I looked in every other place in my house that I could think of, and I still could not find my air conditioner. I think I may have to buy another one. My mom said that I can borrow hers for now, but I really don’t want to have to use hers. She does not use her air conditioner unless it gets super hot in her house. It has to be over eighty-five degrees in her house for her to even consider using her air conditioner. I cannot believe she likes it that warm, but she does. I am just worried that if I borrow her air conditioner, she might need it. She would never ask for it while I was using it, so she would just suffer in the heat, and I don’t want that. I think that buying a new air conditioner may be my best option.

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