Figuring out Air Conditioning problems

Last summer, I had some tests on a condition pertaining to my thyroid.

For years, I was overly sensitive to cold weather, but even when the temperature was mild, I seemed to always feel cold.

I was checked by my doctor and he determined that my thyroid was not functioning properly. After taking a series of medications, I was finally able to feel like myself again. I was no longer shivering for no reason. This transition helped me recognize some concerns with the temperature in my house. My husband had been saying he was not convinced we were getting optimum air flow from the HVAC Heating in addition system. Since I was perpetually cold, I did not realize it. As the temperature setting was at a more reasonable level, I noticed that our home’s air conditioning was not functioning as maximum capacity. I kept adjusting the thermostat to a lower setting. My husband must have felt the most comfortable he had in a long time, because he was no longer complaining about the overheated conditions. I was still not as comfortable as I wanted to be, even after adjusting the thermostat. After enduring a few miserable nights in horrible heat and humidity, I decided to have the Air Conditioning checked by a profession. The HVAC technician inspected our Heating Air Conditioning system as well as the ductwork. He helped us get to the bottom of our airflow concerns! He fixed the problems with our system and took action to prevent further concerns by cleaning the whole system. I am now relieved we got to the cause of my medical condition, so I can recognize what the ideal indoor temperature is. My husband is now the most comfortable he has been in years.
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