Do you think I should get ductless air conditioning or pay for a Heating & A/C service plan?

So, I have a question plus I need some advice.

Recently, our air conditioning has been on the fritz.

After a while of hearing our air conditioning whir plus struggle, I called our Heating & A/C provider for a consultation with an Heating & A/C specialist. When the Heating & A/C specialist arrived plus looked at our air conditioning, she said it was in pretty awful shape because it was not subjected to proper air conditioner servicing. When I asked the Heating & A/C specialists about our options, she told myself and others that I could sign up with an Heating & A/C service plan- it cost a little extra money, however it will extend the life of our air conditioning. The Heating & A/C service idea would provide our air conditioning plus oil furnace proper air duct cleaning plus servicing. I was ready to sign, plus I have it in our hand right now- our Heating & A/C provider is waiting for myself and others to send it back to them. When I started doing some research online, I found out about a ductless air conditioning option. Multi chop air conditionings seem to have a forever lifetime- unlike the 30 years or so that you can expect with a standard air conditioning. Multi chop air conditionings are also sleeker, quieter and- most importantly- don’t have air duct. Getting rid of the air duct would entirely make upkeep much easier plus I wouldn’t have to sign on for the Heating & A/C service plan. I’m just not sure what to do. On 1 hand, multi chop air conditionings are pretty overpriced plus an Heating & A/C service idea would take care of our air conditioning plus oil furnace (and is much more affordable). On the other hand, multi chop air conditionings last a lifetime plus are a certainly nice, sleek option. I’m just not sure. What do you think I should do?

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