Air conditioning comes in handy when moving in July

Although hauling boxes all day was awful due to the heat, coming inside for a break was always a pleasure

The area where I grew up offered all four seasons. We had very hot summers, unpredictable fall weather, freezing cold winters, and thunderstorms and rain in Spring. I was accustomed to changing the thermostat according to the season. I never felt that there was an excess of temperature extremes. Although the weather was always a surprise, we never got too much of one kind. This past year, my husband was offered a job promotion in the south. The move was so far south that the area rarely, if ever experiences snowed. I knew that moving would be a huge change, but I was not aware of how difficult a transition it would be. We decided to move at the end of July, which was not the ideal time of year to move due to the weather conditions. I still remember how impossibly hot and sweaty the move was! Some of our family helped us with the move, but it was still a challenge trying to carry all of our heavy and bulky items inside the new house. We were not helping the air conditioning by going in and out of the house and having the door open. I am thankful that our Air Conditioner provided a huge relief from the terrible heat we were faced with. We all took breaks and just sat in the air conditioning with some cool drinks for a few minutes. When we bought the house, my husband and I made sure to have the HVAC checked over by a professional. We also had the thermostat updated to smart control. We were willing to pay extra to have a smart thermostat component that we’d be able to access through our iPhones. Although hauling boxes all day was awful due to the heat, coming inside for a break was always a pleasure. I thought I understood how important air conditioning is before, but now I am so much more aware of the importance of an efficient and effective air conditioner in July down south.



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