Recommending heating and cooling service

For the past fifteen years, I’ve worked as a receptionist at an Heating and Air Conditioning business! I answer the iphones and schedule appointments for installation, service and repair.

I handle the inventory, ordering and billing; We have twelve licensed suppliers laboring for us and coordinating the jobs can occasionally be a bit difficult… Very often a service will take longer than expected, so I need to allow time between projects while also minimizing downtime.

Plus, I need to be knowledgeable when I talk with clients on the iphone, and they often call to explain a concern they’re having with their heating system, air conditioner, heat pump or boiler and want advice, then over the years, I’ve gotten quite nice at figuring out the most likely cause of the issue. In most cases, it’s neglected service. Whether the heating or cooling plan is running at max capacity or resting idle, dust and other contaminants work their way inside and buildup on the components. This debris restricts airflow and hinders the operation of moving parts. It forces the heating and cooling equipment to work harder, run longer and consume more energy. The result is diminished comfort, degraded air quality and higher operational costs. The solution is consistently a thorough cleaning performed by a single of our licensed professionals. I consistently encourage our clients to enroll in a service plan. When they become a member, both of us provide reminders to schedule annual upkeep for their heating and cooling equipment. We send a worker to complete an inspection and tuning in the fall and Springtime, making sure the systems are prepared to handle the upcoming laboring load operating at peak efficiency.



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