Moving in with my lady

Some of days ago I ended up moving in with my girlfriend.

Every one of us had been planning to wait out on making this move since both of us are still young in addition to don’t believe where both of us are going to be once both of us graduate, but thanks to my roommate getting kicked out of school in addition to moving back current home I had no option but to find another place to live! Prior to moving in with my girlfriend I had a few ideas of what it would be care about living with her, but so far all of those ideas have been false, then for starters I thought that she would be a unquestionably disinfect woman who prioritized a disinfect in addition to healthy home.

I swiftly found out that she wasn’t this way when I asked her the last time she had the Heating in addition to A/C system diagnosed by an reputable Heating in addition to A/C company in addition to she told me that it had been months. I ended up reaching out to an Heating in addition to A/C company that ended up finding tons of mildew, dirt, in addition to pollen trapped within the ancient air filters in addition to the Heating in addition to A/C component itself; On top of all of this she isn’teven able to keep her dishes washed or disinfect up after herself, but now please bear in mind that it has only been 5 or many days since I moved in in addition to it is already this bad, I only believe that things will get worse. I believe this is why my Dad in addition to dad consistently told me never to move in with someone before both of us are ready, but now that the move has already been made I am not sure what I am going to do.

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