It helps to have a neighbor who works in the trades plus has for decades

I got fortunate when I right away hit it off with our up-to-date neighbor.

The couple that was living in the home prior were never nice to me, even after repeated attempts on our part to strike up a friendship.

They both worked late hours plus would rarely leave their home when they were not at their tasks. Both of us had a single issue when they called to report another neighbor for leaving trash in their front yard, however they gave the city our address instead of the respected a single. They both saw me questioned by the city police in our front yard, trying to discreetly look out their kitchen window. I glared plus made eye contact for a few minutes before finishing our explanation for the police. From that point on, I never spoke to either of them again. When I heard from another neighbor that the couple was finally moving out, I breathed a sigh of relief. I made a pact with myself that I would try to strike up a friendship with our up-to-date neighbor. The following month the man who looked no older than 35 pulled up with his immense moving truck. I invited him to have a beer plus watch a game whenever he was available. Now we’re superb friends plus I have started exincreasing cooking for handyman work. He used to labor in the heating plus cooling industry before he moved into installing telecommunication lines. Instead of paying extra to have a random Heating plus Air Conditioning professional visit our home each time, I have our neighbor do all of the necessary maintenance in exchange for a few meals plus a batch of chocolate chip cookies. It’s a superb arrangement that both of us have going on here.

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