Listen to the realtor on HVAC

I love how the universe has a way of kicking me in the backside for a bit of a perspective correction.

This week, I got one of those swift kicks over an HVAC issue.

It’s not as though I am some stereotypical male jerks. Although it can seem that way when someone is attempting to convince me of something that I just don’t believe to be true. We have been trying to get our house in shape to put on the market. But, we haven’t actually been all that super serious about it either. Having bought and sold houses over all these years, we were pretty confident that we knew what we were doing. This house is nearly 25 years old. We knew there would be some investment to upgrade the kitchen and some other things. However, the HVAC I thought would get by. We replaced the HVAC unit almost 15 years ago but, it was state of the art and we committed to consistent maintenance. It ran like a champ. But, as soon as the first realtor came to our house to list it, the HVAC was one of the first things on the list to go. I really pushed back on that for sure. I thought, worse case scenario, I could negotiate the price if a seller really pushed the HVAC issue. The realtor pushed back and told me that I would for sure lose money on that deal. But, being a stubborn person, I wanted to see for myself. Well, the realtor was definitely correct. There were plenty of buyers who simply passed because of the HVAC. And, the only offer we got was contingent on us taking many thousands of dollars off the sale price due to the HVAC.

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