It’s difficult to sleep at my parents’ home because they crank the furnace

I enjoy my parents so much.

The older that I manage to get, the more I realize how thankful I am for my parents. They did all that they could to raise us little ones right. They taught us to have a relationship with God & others & to task hard in our lives. I totally am thankful that I had such charming parents to help us kids. Although they aren’t perfect, they are the best parents in the world. I hope that I can be just as charming of a parent to my own children as my parents were to me! When my hubby & I got married, we honestly had to transport away from my family because of my hubby’s current work. It was the toughest thing that I have ever done. I sincerely miss living close to them so much. Every one of us regularly tries to go visit them as much as possible. It is incredibly hard for me to sleep at their residence though because they keep it surprisingly warm. Their residence has to be at least eighty degrees always. They don’t seem to realize how sizzling their residence is. They didn’t do that when I was younger, so I am guessing it has something to do with them getting older. I tried to tell my dad that the residence was way too warm, although he just laughed at me. I suppose that he was thinking that I was just joking around with him, but I wasn’t. I told my mom that I have a real tough time sleeping at their residence because it is so warm, & she told myself and others to easily just open a window. I tried opening a window, however it was so gelid outside that the room got incredibly freezing rather hastily. I assume there is no winning for me. I am trying to get used to sleeping in a sizzling residence because I enjoy staying & visiting with my parents often.

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