If you want to save, take care of your HVAC equipment

I have had a truly rough time as I have watched my economic standing take such a horrible beating recently.

My entire professional career has been engaged in a professional endeavor that required a sizable amount of high-priced education.

I had constantly been an ethical person who went above and beyond what was regularly expected. The rule I grew up with was the harder you decided to work, the better the pay off was down the line. As I managed to rise through the ranks, I constantly had my eye on the corner office with its own Heating & A/C equipment control. I did find my way to that elegant office and all the perks that easily went with it. I was just completely naive to assume that I would be able to keep getting paid with the state of our business operations. There is a point when, no matter how fantastic you are in the workplace, the size of the salary becomes a pretty major target for budget cuts. This is pretty much what happened to me as soon as I hit my early fifties. My idea was to basically work until I hit the age of 65 or so but, that didn’t happen. I was unceremoniously dumped on a Monday afternoon. It was seriously humiliating however all I could do was take my severance and get out of there. However, I am managing now but, I have to be careful about making every single dollar count. I am on top of things mostly like the cost of Heating & A/C. I have become entirely proactive at stretching the property budget in order to be able to provide for my family while I head on to the next job chapter in my life.


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