I can’t believe how hot my parents keep their home these days

I truly love my parents so much. The older that I get, the more I realize how much I love my parents. They did all that they could to raise us children right. They taught us to love God and others and to work especially hard. I absolutely am thankful that I had such marvelous parents. Although they aren’t perfect, they are the best parents of all time. I hope that I can be just as charming of a parent to my children as my parents happened to be to me. When my hubby and I got married, we actually had to move away from my family because of my hubby’s new task. It was the most challenging thing that I have ever done. I miss living close to them so much. We try to go visit them as much as we can manage. It is absolutely hard for me to sleep at their property though because they keep it insanely warm. Their property has to be at least eighty degrees all the time. They don’t realize how warm their property happens to be. They didn’t do that when I was a child, so I am guessing it is just because they are getting really old. I tried to tell my dad that the property was absolutely warm, but he just laughed at me. I guess that he figured that I was just joking around with him, however I honestly wasn’t. I told my father that I have a real hard time sleeping at their property because it is overly warm, and my father told me to simply open a window. I tried opening a window, however it was so frosty outside that the room got absolutely frigid abruptly. I guess there is no winning for me. I am really trying to get used to sleeping in a warm property because I really enjoy visiting with my parents.