Radiant floor heating now that the kids are out of the house

After our last child moved out of the house, my husband and I had a lot of time to work on things that we had been waiting on to prioritize raising our children.

One of the biggest projects we had slated for later was the complete remodel of our home.

Much of this included decor, paint, etc. We also ended up having to tune up our HVAC system. While speaking with the HVAC technician, we mentioned that our new hardwood flooring that we were planning to install would likely make the floor very cold. The HVAC technician let us know that our HVAC provider does provide a radiant floor heating service. We had only heard of radiant floor heating passively. Heated floors always seemed like the type of luxury item that only the wealthiest people could afford. However, when the HVAC technician showed us the different options, we found that radiant floor heating was something that was well within our budget. I was very excited. After some consideration, we accepted and signed on to get radiant floor heating in our home! When the HVAC technician returned to install our radiant floor heating, he did a wonderful job! The HVAC technician was very professional and worked quickly. I have always been pleased with our HVAC provider. The HVAC technician also cleaned up after he had finished the installation. What a great guy! I’m happy to report that our heated hardwood floors keep my feet very warm in the winter. This type of heating makes hardwood floors- which look great- a comfortable option for us.
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