A way heartier heater in my home

I live in a two story house. The first floor I rely on a gas fireplace and the second floor has a small Moore heating system. The fireplace is bigger, newer and gets maintained frequently. Despite this, the ancient Moore heater is so much better. The Moore heating system came with the house when I bought it and was old then. A company that is no longer in business made these durable heating systems way back in the day. They are about the size of a radiator but function as a mini gas furnace. They have a pilot light and everything. The upstairs heater is so much better and it gets no love or care. The upper floor is always toasty warm all winter long. Downstairs, the big gas fireplace has some problems staying warm. Sadly, the fireplace is the one that needs frequent repairs and might need to be updated. The Moore heating system has gotten no repairs, no service and is still going strong. I think they used to make heating systems way more durable back then. The company must have gone out of business since there was no need to service the device and once you bought one, it was for life. My mother still has hers in her basement. That heating system has literally been underwater and survived the tale. It was trying to light and bubbles were coming from it. My heating system can handle drywall dust, my kids banging on it and no cleaning from me year after year. I bet that heater outlasts me.

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