The fireplace is going downhill

After about 10 years, a gas fireplace is just about done for.

As sad as this is, in the first 2-3 years of its life, a significant decrease in efficiency happens; If you are not on it with cleaning as well as maintaining your gas fireplace, it will not live that long, however getting a Heating as well as Air Conditioning company to my lake home has proven to be just about impossible.

I wanted to be wonderful as well as do regular heating tune ups every fall season. Any local Heating as well as Air Conditioning company I called either put myself and others on a waiting list, did not call myself and others back or refused to make the drive to my home, but my gas fireplace just went years with no professional help. My hubby as well as I did everything all of us could. I wiped the outside as well as vacuumed up the inside once a year. My hubby frequently would mess with the electric start, that has been the gas furnace repair that won’t go away. The fireplace is a little odd about turning on as well as off. The wireless remote no longer will operate our gas furnace… You have to manually turn it on as well as off, but occasionally the fireplace just won’t turn on. My hubby as well as I keep messing as well as messing with it then. After the gas furnace comes on, occasionally it won’t turn off. There are mornings that the home is around 71 degrees as well as the gas furnace won’t turn off. I would rather have this than the reverse. I suppose I need a modern gas furnace, but I just can’t make myself put in the time, effort as well as work.

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