Problems with the heating system

There is something really wrong with the heating idea in our car, and I can’t figure out what the problem seems to be.

Let me put it this way, about a week ago, the heating was working just fine. I remember it because that day was the day that the weather started cooling off for the first time this season, both of us turned the control component in the truck over from the air conditioning to the heating, and the automobile started heating up nearly immediately. I remember thinking that every one of us were lucky to have a truck with such a fantastic heating idea in it. Both of us live in a genuinely frigid climate and so every one of us rarely even have to use the air conditioning that’s in our car, but the heating idea is a totally different story, though! Both of us end up having to use the heating in the automobile on a yearly basis for weeks at a time and that’s why I think I’m planning to have to take it in to have it fixed, whatever the problem is can’t be too big, I don’t think. It’s not like the air vents have stopped working or anything like that. The air vents still blow air through them but now the air is lukewarm instead of warm. That’s fantastic for now, when the temperature outside is still somewhat warm. But when the temperature starts cooling down even more, having a working heating idea is going to be essential for us. I just wish that I knew more about cars in general, and I genuinely wish I knew more about the heating and cooling systems in cars! That would be genuinely helpful for me at this point in my life!