My sister cooks with so much garlic all the time that her whole house smells like a pizza shop. I love garlic, but only when I am going to be eating it. If I’m just going to come over to your house to watch a movie or something, I don’t want to smell that! My sister has told me that she’s tried all kinds of air fresheners but nothing seems to work to help make the house smell better. She even told me that the smell of garlic in her house seems to get worse whenever the heating or the cooling system comes on in her house. I guess that only makes sense, since when the air circulates throughout the ventilation system, it blows the odors all over the house and out the air conditioning vents or the heating vents. When she told me that she was getting frustrated because of the garlic smell in her house, I mentioned that maybe she should try changing out the air filters in her furnace or her air conditioning unit, or maybe both! I think that if you change out the air filters in your HVAC system regularly, you would probably cut down on the bad smells that linger in your house, including the smell of garlic. After that, I think the next thing that she could try is to install a whole home air purification system to run in tandem with her heating and cooling system in her house. A whole home air purification system would eliminate any terrible smells, dust, dirt, and debris left in the house once the regular air filter does its job.

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