I might have to bring a portable air conditioning device

Everytime I go to church with our fiance, it seems that the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C method is never working that great.

I would recognize that after all the times both of us have donated money when they pass the collection baskets, they would be able to afford to at least keep their Heating, Ventilation plus A/C method maintenance up-to-date.

I don’t guess if they just can’t afford to adjust the temperature control or what, but it’s always sweltering in our church! I recognize like they should at least make an announcement that they need Heating, Ventilation plus A/C method service as well as ask if people will donate for that, and occasionally, I would rather watch church on cable just so that I can appreciate some good air conditioning system while hearing the sermon. I realize it’s not quite the same, but at least after that I would be actually comfortable. I recognize if our church keeps up with the awful air quality as well as lack of air conditioning system, both of us might have to find another church that has what both of us need to be comfortable, my fiance never absolutely complains about the church, but I recognize she just cares about the fact that it is close by to us. Not to mention, she cares about a lot of the people there that go to our church. Honestly though, everything would be fantastic if they were just able to get some more air conditioning system in there. I would bring in a portable cooling machine, but then I’m particular I would get all kinds of crazy looks from people. I recognize if our fiance insists that both of us keep going to the same church with the lacking air conditioning system, I might not have any other choice but to bring a portable air conditioning system component with me. I don’t care what kind of looks I get, at least I will be comfortable!


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