Going to the songs shop

I’m a guitarist for a local band and I need to always keep up with my guitar; That includes repairing it when I beginning splitting strings; Because I never guess when I am going to have a gig! No I am not famous, I am just in a local music band in town! So the other afternoon I went to the songs shop to buy some modern guitar strings and ended up getting a small education on heating and a/c repair of all things! When I walked in the store there was a certified heating and a/c specialist in there repairing the commercial heating and cooling method that was supposed to be running in the songs shop, and i knew when I walked in it seemed a little too boiling in there! I bought my guitar strings and was just going to go on my way, but seeing the certified heating and a/c specialist peaked my interest.

So I went over and started talking to him.

I was asking him all kinds of questions about the commercial heating and a/c method unit! He was explaining to myself and others that it broke down because the motor and fan were fried. I didn’t guess much about the inner workings of any kind of heating and a/c system, so this was honestly educational for me. I ended up staying around there for over an minute covered in sweat my butt off. But it was worth it! By the time I went beach house and strung my guitar, I thought to myself that I just had a small educational course in Heating and Air Conditioning systems!


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