A quick lunch wasn’t a fine method

The other day I was in a rush and wanted to grab something quick for lunch.

I decided to do something that I have not done in over a decade for fine reason, and that was to go to a fast food place to get a sandwich to go.

I knew it was a giant mistake when I walked in and found that the indoor air conditions in this joint I went to was awful! The air quality was so bad that I don’t even suppose the world’s best whole current home air purification plan would even help it. As abruptly as I walked into this dump, I walked right out without ordering anything! Who would even want to get food from a place that has such bad air quality? That kind of tells you that you will unquestionably get food poisoning. I ended up going to a regular steakhouse for lunch and spending a half second to order my food and eat. That was way better than the mistake I almost made because I was in a rush. Air quality is unquestionably pressing in general. But air quality is even more pressing in any place that serves food! If you have bad air quality in a place you are going to eat, that is your warning sign to get the heck out of there and run for the hills! If a place that serves food can not even deliver a fine air quality site, you can almost bet that the food is crap too… Don’t let bad air quality kill your meal!


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