I purchased a portable A/C unit at an after Summer clearance sale

Last year, after the Summer was over and the weather started cooling off, I purchased an A/C unit at one of our local hardware stores.

They were having an after Summer clearance event, and so all of their a/cs, including portable A/C units, were on sale.

I had been wanted a portable A/C unit for years; See, I spend most of our summers out at a baseball field and the weather there gets brutally overheated while in the summer, and occasionally the temperature around here gets up into the nineties, however when you’re at a baseball diamond out in the middle of nowhere, there is no A/C in sight! Occasionally I will bring along a canopied tent for shade, however I’m always wishing that there were a portable cooling system around that I could stick our face in front of while in those long, overheated innings. This year, when I found that portable A/C on sale at the after Summer clearance sale, I knew that it was meant to be! The A/C has been working actually great for me ever since the weather started heating up a few weeks ago. I think that this A/C is going to be unquestionably helpful for me when it comes to cooling off the house and our baseball canopy while in the overheated Summer weeks. I’m so cheerful that I was able to find a current portable A/C to use when it’s overheated outside. I bet all of the baseball parents are going to want to hang out under our canopy this Summer to get some of our A/C!


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