I broke my leg falling off a step stool

This summer time has been filled with a lot of interest.

The beaches are filled with people as well as there are tourists walking around everywhere. There are a lot of people driving on the roads as well as staying in the hotels. There is never a shortage of work while in the summer, when you have an A/C repair business, however my dad as well as I work together, but she started working in the A/C repair business a long time ago, as well as I joined him after I was finished with a few years in the military. Both of us have been working together for a while as well as things were going entirely well until just recently. My dad as well as I were working on an A/C replacement task. I was up in the attic preparing new HVAC duct as well as fixing some additional ventilation troubles. I stepped through a soft board as well as fell right through the ceiling of the house. I fell with a thud, as well as I knew that my leg was broken instantly. I could not rest on it as well as it was throbbing in pain. My dad rushed down to see if I was okay. I went to the emergency room as well as they set my leg in a cast. I had to follow up with an orthopedic surgeon, but luckily the broken leg does not require any surgery; Now I am laid up on the couch as well as I can’t help my dad with any A/C repairs. Both of us have to hire a part-time woman to help for the next several or more than seven weeks. I feel my dad is ecstatic that I am okay, but I can’t help but be disappointed that I can’t help him while in the busiest time of the year.

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