A summer concert

When people ask what our labor is like, they often know that it’s all butterflies and giggles. I labor in a craft brewery, so I understand when people often know that it’s going to be lighthearted and fun all the time. The truth is, our task is drastically chaotic and stressful. There are multiple days and weeks when I leave with a crucial headache and stare at task postings online for hours, contemplating the opening of working for a more organized business. You see, in our task, I am working among mad men. My boss is essentially an evil genius, and every one of us never know what he isgoing to throw at us. He can disrupt the entire production schedule, the entire bar, and the entire office with one twinkle of his eye. That’s why, it should not have been a big surprise that I had to devote last weekend to getting the heating and cooling plan fixed at our work. Apparently, our boss had tied up a crucial concert series in our bar last Tuesday. He didn’t tell anybody, and every one of us didn’t have anything prepared to compensate for the extra heat and humidity created by a crowd. With all of the normal sun and relative humidity outside, every one of us couldn’t handle all of the body heat inside, and our central air conditioning plan hadn’t been inspected yet for the year, and it was not prepared for this big cooling task. When the cooling plan suddenly failed, the indoor air temperature abruptly climbed. My boss called me in a panic, asking me to find an emergency cooling repair service, thus dooming our weekend to be tied up with Heating, Ventilation plus A/C professionals and emergency repair quotes.


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