To stop relying on my central AC to keep my house dry, I bought a portable dehumidifier

I really hate living in such a rainy and muggy environment.

Growing up, I lived in the midwest in a fairly normal climate.

We had the standard four seasons a year, with somewhat warm summers and extremely cold winters. Until I went to college, this was the only environment I knew. Granted, I traveled out east a few times to visit family, but in total I had probably only seen three states at most when I moved across the country for college. I don’t know why, but I ended up staying here after I graduated. I found a decent job and settled in quickly. But, I find myself unhappy constantly. We get a tremendous amount of rain throughout the year, with the summers being particularly miserable from constant rain and humidity. Trying to run a central air conditioner just to keep the moisture down indoors is a futile endeavor. I have burned through electricity like no other on days when it is 100% humidity outside and in. Plus, I always felt like I was keeping my home colder than what I prefer on a normal basis, so I knew I needed to change something quickly. That’s when I got the idea to buy a portable dehumidifier to help dry out my house. They are the size of portable air conditioners and they simply plug into a standard 120 volt wall outlet. They come with internal condensate buckets that automatically switch off the system when a sensor detects the water level at max. All you have to do is slide the bucket out, dump it in a sink or bathtub, and put the bucket back before turning the machine back on. After two weeks of solid use, I finally got my indoor moisture level below 50%. I just couldn’t believe how effective that portable dehumidifier is at removing humidity in my home.


Link here