Space heater in the bathroom

I had a friend in middle school who always had a space heater in the bathroom of her house.

I did not matter what time of year, or the temperature outside, there was always a space heater in the bathroom to warm a small area. I always enjoyed the warmth of the space heater when I stepped out of the shower in the winter months. I usually spent a few nights a week over at her house because my mom worked nights. Everytime she picked me up, she would ask me about my day and I would just tell her how much I wished I had a space heater in my bathroom. She explained to me that it was very dangerous to use space heaters and that I would not be allowed one until I was older. About six months later, she gifted me a space heater for Christmas. I was so excited. I waited for a cold day and had my dad assist me in setting up the space heater. He gave me a rundown of the safety features and to make sure that I never touch the red part. He also informed me that I should never allow any fabric to be near the space heater. He told me a story about his friend who burned their house down with a space heater. I knew I was given a huge responsibility and I did not want to lose my privileges. My dad was very proud of me after the first week of no mistakes with the space heater.

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